• Protection:  Level IIIA Stand Alone against handgun rounds
  • NIJ Standard 0101.06 CERTIFIED: This product is NIJ 0101.06 compliant “Certified” by NIJ and can be found listed on the NIJ’s CPL
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  • DEA Compliant: This product meets and/or exceeds DEA standards
  • FBI Compliant: This product meets and/or exceeds FBI requirements
  • Aerial Density: 0.86 psf (4.198kg/sqm)
  • Thinness: 0.1595’’
  • Material: Unique matrix system of advanced PEUD Dyneema and patented woven aramid
  • Multi-hit capabilities
  • Sonobond & Sealed water resistant RipStop
  • Custom Sizing: Available for min quantity +20% surcharge per size
  • Warranty: 5 years on all ballistic material and 1 year on exterior cover material and workmanship

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BALCS/SPEAR, Concealable, Cummerbund, K-9, Tactical, Torso, Trooper APC


10"x12"ASC(Unit), 10"x12"FC(Unit), 10"x12"SC(Unit), 5.5"x10"(Set), 5.5"x11"(Set), 5.5"x13.5"(Set), 5.5"x13"(Set), 5.5"x14.75"(Set), 5.5"x7"(Set), 5.5"x9"(Set), 5"x11"(Set), 5"x13"(Set), 5"x7"(Set), 5"x7"(Unit), 5"x8"(Unit), 5"x9"(Set), 6"x10"(Set), 6"x11"(Set), 6"x12"(Set), 6"x14"(Set), 6"x6"(Unit), 6"x8"(Unit), 6"x9"(Set), 7"x8"(Unit), 8"x10"FC(Unit), 8"x10"SC(Unit), Custom, One Size-(Back), One Size-(Front), One Size-(Set), SAPI L(10.125"x13.25")-(Unit), SAPI M(9.5"x12.5")-(Unit), SAPI S(8.75"x11.75")-(Unit), SAPI XL(11"x14")-(Unit), SAPI XS(7.25"x11.5")-(Unit), XS-(Set), XXL-(Back), XXL-(Front), S-(Set), M-(Set), L-(Set), XL-(Set), XXL-(Set)


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