• Protection (Level 1): This armor protects against low energy threats with a strike energy of 24 J (17.7 ft· lbf). The over test condition for this level is 36 J (26.6 ft· lbf).
  • NIJ Standard 0115.00 TESTED: This product has been independently tested by an NVLAP accredited NIJ approved laboratory to meet or exceed spike/stab resistance as specified under NIJ Standard 0115.00
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  • Aerial Density: 0.325 psf, 1.58 kg/sqm
  • Thinness: 0.09” / 2.25mm
  • Material: Enhanced blend of woven and unidirectional aramid fibers
  • Multi-hit capabilities
  • Sonobond Sealed rip stop water resistant cover
  • Custom sizing available
  • Warranty: 5 years on all spike material

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BALCS/SPEAR, Concealable, Cummerbund, K-9, Tactical, Torso, Trooper APC


10"x12"ASC(Unit), 10"x12"FC(Unit), 10"x12"SC(Unit), 5.5"x10"(Set), 5.5"x11"(Set), 5.5"x13.5"(Set), 5.5"x13"(Set), 5.5"x14.75"(Set), 5.5"x7"(Set), 5.5"x9"(Set), 5"x11"(Set), 5"x13"(Set), 5"x7"(Set), 5"x7"(Unit), 5"x8"(Unit), 5"x9"(Set), 6"x10"(Set), 6"x11"(Set), 6"x12"(Set), 6"x14"(Set), 6"x6"(Unit), 6"x8"(Unit), 6"x9"(Set), 7"x8"(Unit), 8"x10"FC(Unit), 8"x10"SC(Unit), Custom, One Size-(Back), One Size-(Front), One Size-(Set), SAPI L(10.125"x13.25")-(Unit), SAPI M(9.5"x12.5")-(Unit), SAPI S(8.75"x11.75")-(Unit), SAPI XL(11"x14")-(Unit), SAPI XS(7.25"x11.5")-(Unit), XS-(Set), XXL-(Back), XXL-(Front), S-(Set), M-(Set), L-(Set), XL-(Set), XXL-(Set)


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