Civil Disturbance Kit model 2

Public Disturbance Kit
Suit 102:
1. Size
Height of 165cm to 190cm
Universal 38” to 48″
2. Protect Area: ㎡
1.Chest, Abdomen and Groin: ≥0.10
2.Back: ≥0.10
3.Arms :≥0.18
4.Legs :≥0.30
3. Temperature Testing
Performance would not be effected in circumstances of under-20º C–+55º C
4 Resistance Capability
Velcro: >7.2N/c㎡
Buckle: >500N
Joints: >2000N
5. Anti-stab Testing
It can not be pierced when using a dagger to stab any point of the chest, back and groin parts of the anti-riot suit under 2000N of static pressure for 1 minute(≥ 20J).
6. Anti-wallop in the Key Parts:
The anti-riot suit can not be damaged with any flaw when using a steel ball of 7.5kg to impulse the chest and arms parts continuously from 163cm height(≥ 20J).
7. Anti-impact Testing
The back and chest parts will be damaged by ≦2cm deepness by 100J energy.
Helmet 001: included
1. Body: reinforced ABS, imported or indigenous material.
2. Visor: sclerous PC, fog-proof, scratch-proof, customer can order visor capability freely.
3. Color: black/green/white/customization.
4. Lens: convex or flat shape.
5. Chin Strap: rubber.
Shield 002: included
1. Material: UV stabilized polycarbonate sheet with 85% transparency.
2. Shape: rectangular.
3. Length: 900 ± 10 mm.
4. Breadth: 500 ± 10 mm.
5. Thickness: 3.50 ± 0.10 mm.
6. Weight: 2.40 kgs ± 100.
Baton: included
1. Material: polycarbonate.
2. Length: 600 mm ± 10 mm.
3. Diameter: 25 mm ± 2 mm.
4. Wall Thickness: 4 mm ± 0.50 mm.
5. Weight: 350 gms ± 25 gms.
6. Features:
. Ultra strong.
. Light weight.
. Effective deterrent.
. High impact resistance.
. Long shelf life.
Gas Mask 02: Optional
Cyanogen chloride life: ≥50minutes (30l/min,1.5mg/l  and 80%~80% RH conditions).
Oil mist penetration coefficient: ≤0.005%(30l/min).
Inhalation resistance: ≤186Paa(30l/min).
Exhalation resistance: ≤100Pa(30l/min).
Visual field: total>70%, binocular visual field>55%.
Weight: <840g
Packaging Details:
Unit Type: piece.
Package Weight: 1.0kg (2.205lb.).
Package Size: 25cm x 17cm x 17cm (9.84in x 6.69in x 6.69in).


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